Refund Policy

In addition to the policies set out by Flash Global SIM, Flash Global SIM is also bound by the policies set out by the telecom operator partners whose products have been sold. Buyer should read and agree to the following policies before making a purchase.

Buyer is eligible for a full or partial refund, as appropriate, if the service purchased fails to function as intended, or stops functioning properly during the activation period, due to genuine product malfunctions, network technical issues or other technical faults and Flash Global SIM is unable to provide a solution within 24 hours from the time Buyer initiate a contact.

Flash Global SIM will always initiate a troubleshooting process to rectify any problems faced by Buyer. During the troubleshooting process, it is imperative that Buyer is cooperative to troubleshooting steps provided by the agent, otherwise a refund may not be granted.

No refunds will be considered for the following reasons, regardless of whether the product is used, partially used or fully unused:

  • Change of mind
    Should Buyer no longer want or need the product purchased from Flash Global SIM due to a change of mind, Buyer shall note that no refunds will be given.
  • Incorrect purchase
    It is Buyer’s responsibility to ensure that purchased eSIM is supported in the intended country or region that is being visited. Supported countries are clearly stipulated in each product information section.

  • Unsupported device
    It is the Buyer’s responsibility to ensure that their device is capable of supporting eSIMs and that the device is not locked by any carrier.
  • Incorrect setup
    It is Buyer’s responsibility to follow setup instructions provided by Flash Global SIM. Once Buyer activates and installs an eSIM, it will be considered as used and no refunds of any form will be given, even if there may be unused data remaining.
  • Failure to notify
    Buyer must inform Flash Global SIM to allow an agent to analyze the problem and a chance to rectify any errors. Failure to notify at appropriate times will not allow a proper troubleshooting process to take place.
  • Damage caused by buyer
    Buyer must not invalidate the product whether willingly or unwillingly. Invalidating products may include but not limited to deleting eSIM profiles prior to the completion of usage.

Flash Global SIM reserves the right to refuse any form of refund if there is any evidence of fraud or any violation of our terms and conditions.

Other grounds of refunds will be investigated and may be approved on a case-by-case basis.