How Much Internet Data Do I Need When I Travel Abroad?


Whether it’s using Google Maps to navigate or catching up on work emails, internet access has become an essential part of the modern travel experience. However, understanding how much internet data you'll need while abroad can be a bit tricky. In this blog post, we'll explore various real-life scenarios to help you determine how much data you might require when traveling and offer tips for optimizing your data usage.


How Much Data Do I Need?

The data you need depends on what you use your device for: light data users may need only about 1GB a week while intensive users can gobble up 1GB in a day or less. Here, we help you by giving an approximate data consumption for everyday activities on your phone.



Usage per 1 hour

Browsing the web

50-60 MB

Texting on Whatsapp

30-50 MB

Calling on Whatsapp

80-90 MB

Video calls

300-400 MB

YouTube (non HD)

500-800 MB


600-900 MB


900MB - 1.2 GB

Streaming Music (Spotify)

50-70 MB

Google Maps (directions)

10-20 MB

Google Maps (active searching)

50-80 MB


The above table shows how much data is needed on average if you are using one particular app continuously for one hour. Of course, usage may be smaller or larger depending on use cases, but the table should be a good guide.


Do also note that your internet data is used only when your device needs to send or receive online information. This means that even though you may be ‘using’ Instagram for an hour, but if you spend 30 minutes to edit your photo and another 5 minutes to write an interesting caption, these activities are not counted as usage as your device typically do not need to send or receive any data.


How to Check How Much Data You Have Been Using?

To check your data usage, follow these steps:

For iPhones:  Go to Settings > Cellular/ Mobile Data > Usage

For Android: Go to Settings > Connections Data Usage


If you need step by step screenshots on how to check your data usage, you can visit: How to Check Your Data Usage



The amount of internet data a traveler needs when abroad depends on their usage patterns and preferences. To stay connected while exploring new destinations, the best thing to do is to plan ahead and understand your own usage pattern. With a bit of preparation, you can ensure you have enough data to navigate, and share your experiences. Happy travels!

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